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team workshops

Team workshops can be from 1 up to 4 hours and are fun and energizing.

They are perfect as a team building experience and give a taste of the
impact the work of Ki to Change can deliver.
On a personal level they give practical tools for resilience, energy management and gain insight in the interaction with others.

Workshops can be part of a program or a stand alone. 
Topics that can be addressed:

・ collaboration
・ boudaries
・ conflict
・ energy management


I recently brought Karin in to do a session with my extended team who had no prior connection with embodied leadership.
It was an accessible but powerful intro and we left with a felt experience of how we could access more strength in ourselves and better connections with others. It was pragmatic, insightful and (of course) facilitated with charm and wisdom.

Richard Watkins
Founder Let's Go, United Kingdom

team coaching

The succes of business is based on the quality of
human interaction on the work floor.

Multiple-day team sessions will teach how to use daily interaction to improve as a professional and establish effective and satisfying team collaboration. The programs are developed to increase team alignment, collaboration and effectiveness.  

We align and connect teams with their purpose. Our programs establish trust, respect, clearness and anticipation. Together we create a culture of accountability and excitement.

The programs are build in close cooperation to optimize end results. Since our approach is different then average we are looking for (leadership) teams that are eager to learn, open for new experiences and dare greatly. 


Karin helped us build stronger team awareness  that improved our effectiveness. Her approach reveals, in the moment, how you interact with others. It was fascinating how our daily interactions showed up in easy to access exercises. Practicing new responses increased trust and provided us with hands-on tools to help to get the best out of ourselves and each other. 

Country Manager Danone, The Netherlands


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